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Tamarack Order Code of Conduct

Rules and expected behavior

Please understand these rules are put in place to enhance your World of WarCraft experience, and not degrade it. We hope to provide an environment where people can enjoy themselves and get along with their fellow members. Conduct rules protect guild members, guild reputation and efforts and are the result of extensive experience preventing and addressing undesired issues. Your compliance is required to allow us to maintain the community we have and the reputation we strive to build.

If you have any questions about the principles and regulations please feel free to contact us. Your feedback and suggestions regarding this are actively encouraged and these guidelines will evolve over time.


This is a simple, yet very important rule. All members are expected to have good manners, and refrain from being inconsiderate to other members, and any other WoW players regardless of condition or provocation. Even when faced with inane newbie insults and rude behavior, avoid fighting back in a derogatory manner. Rude behavior towards other guild members will result in a warning at the very least. Deliberate inconsiderate behavior can and will result in immediate dismissal. In all interactions with other players, guild members or not, you MUST strive to be helpful and courteous as your behavior is a reflection on us.

We are the oldest, and most stable alliance guild on the server and have a well earned reputation for being courteous, generous and capable players. We take our reputation extremely seriously and anyone who damages that will quickly find themselves without our guild tag.


Maturity, generosity and selflessness. We have no class, build, level, race, or gameplay experience restrictions. We have an age restriction for new applicants of 18 years of age as we maintain a mature culture. Our role playing and chat channels can and will include more adult content and we do not wish to be responsible for exposing younger players to this and do not wish to censor our membership for the sake of a few players. That said players are expected to be considerate of others and curb inappropriate comments or behavior that others may find offensive in any manner (sex, politics, religion, etc).

We want this to be an enjoyable game and allow for fun gameplay of all types (pvp, pve raiding, role playing) within the boundaries of honorable and generous conduct. We are most definitely not a guild for the roster. We are a guild for the player and that is all, to uphold and support our members is our only quest, and to make the gaming experience above all, fun!


We know that not everyone is a gaming addict and so we try to take this into account. However members are expected to attend gaming sessions, and events as often as possible. If you know that you will be inactive for a certain period or event, please let a guild officer know. Accounts that are inactive for 6 months or more with no notice to guild officers will be purged from the guild as we are striving for an active and involved membership.

Alternate Characters in other guilds

In general we require that a guild member's primary participation on this server be with our guild. It takes considerable effort to build and maintain such a guild and we do not wish to waste resources on part-time players or characters, but only wish to place such a maximum effort in those who will likewise return the same level of participation and involvement. To be accepted into our guild, a player must convince us that they really, REALLY want to join and that is a very difficult thing to convince us of if a significant portion of your time and attention is devoted to another group.

We will on occasion be open to discussion or other options on this, and we have made exceptions in the past for very dedicated members. Exceptions have been made, but only in cases where it was in the best interest of the guild. If you wish to discuss this further please consult our officers or guildmaster.


A key element of any guild, communication between members can make or break a guild experience. WoW provides an excellent mechanism in the guild chat channel that allows all of our players to communicate with each other in game. We encourage all to use this channel however we need to place 2 caveats on this :

* Do not overuse the chat channel. If you find yourself making many more posts than other guild members then that is probably a bad sign. While 'chatty' members are encouraged and we do not want to deprive anyone of talking to other guild members, if it goes too far it will quickly become an annoyance to others. Over 50 people are using a given chat channel and no one person or even group of persons should monopolize it. Remember, manners and maturity first.
* As we play on a roleplaying server we have set up a global channel for roleplaying only. When using that channel, which is open to guild members and friends, please remain in character. If you need to communicate outside of character use guild chat or our OOC channel.
* We have an OOC global channel set up where our friends may communicate with us. Please remember that even though our members are aged 18 or over, those in our OOC channel may be youngsters. Therefore keep chat at a PG13 rating.

Using our forums is REQUIRED as we use it to provide event and guild information. Also, it will involve you in the community more and let us get to know you better. It is a great place to arrange the trade of goods and equipment, plan and discuss events, seek help with tough quests and increase your participation in the guild.

Playing in parties and raids

A key part of the game, and more importantly participation in a guild, is playing with other players in parties or larger raid groups to conquer dungeons and quests too difficult for solo play. Through coordination and mutual support, a number of players can achieve far more together and have a much more enjoyable experience. To foster this experience and to encourage our members to spend time working together for each other's benefit we consider group behavior a key component of our code of conduct.

This is vital, and is of even greater importance when grouping with players who are not from our guild as poor manners, inappropriate behavior or selfishness will reflect very badly on not just you as a player but on our guild as a whole.

When playing in a party or raid remember :

* Follow the directions and instructions of the party leader. This is especially true in raids. If the leader is inexperienced or just not very good (such as with some pickup groups) make a few kind suggestions by /tell and try to be helpful and supportive
* Do not loot, or interact with items like chests, herbs, ore and quest items in combat and never do so in a selfish manner (ie. try to run and grab the item first, take more than your fair share, etc). Always be considerate and you are highly encouraged to be generous as that is our reputation.
* Be careful to play in a cautious and cooperative manner. Be extremely careful of what monsters you attract to your party on purpose or by accident. More problems have been caused by careless players that pull too many monsters for the party to handle than any other player action. This is called "aggro management" (carefully controlling the hate level monsters have towards you) and is a key concept for all players to learn in-depth as they play.
* Do not leave a party or raid at an inopportune time when they need your support. If you know there is a risk you may have to leave the game it is better to avoid grouping than to start and then end up letting people down. Naturally unplanned things occur and that's fine, however do your best to minimize the impact on the group you are with.
* Pay attention when playing with a group, do not wander off or fail to support your teammates because you were doing your own thing. Being dependable and a strong team player will get you invited back again and again and will strengthen our reputation as being generous, considerate and dependable players.

Role-playing and character naming conventions

As a guild on a role playing server we support and appreciate efforts to role play your characters although this is not mandatory. What is mandatory is respecting the efforts of others in this venue and supporting it or at least not detracting in any way from their game play. It is also mandatory that players adhere to Blizzard's standard for behavior on such a server.

Depending on your outlook we are a light or a medium role-playing guild (the definition differs for different people). What this means to us, as previously mentioned is that guild communication must be in character (guild chat for instance) and that OOC (out of character) references be kept in dedicated channels so those trying to actively role-play do not have their experience disrupted by those who are not. We encourage and support role-playing but do not insist on it. We have an RP committee that develops events which are optional and active members that support and participate in people's own RP efforts. Participation in any of theses efforts are purely optional and we leave it to the community to expand on the RP foundation our guild channel (role-played as the guild hall) provides.

Role-playing must be inclusive, casual and supportive - aggressive, derogatory, insulting, selfish, uncomfortable or inappropriate behavior is unacceptable whether there is an RP reason for it or not. This is true when communicating with guild members or the general server populace. A character's foundation must be built on the assumption that they are someone our guild leaders and officers would knowingly seek out, would wish to have represent us, would recruit and welcome to our fold. As such the player must acknowledge that significant character flaws that we would find unseemly would not be welcome in our midst regardless of the rationale.

In association with our role-playing support, we follow and uphold Blizzard's standard for naming conventions on role-playing servers. Specifically refer to : http://www.blizzard.com/support/wowgm/?id=agm01725p for greater details. In a nutshell we do not support obviously non role-playing names, insulting or abusive names, do not support names consisting of multiple words and do not support names that otherwise violate Blizzards standards including use of symbols, non alphanumeric characters or accented letters.

Further details on guild role-playing standards are clearly posted in our guild forums in their own dedicated role-playing section and are to be considered mandatory guidelines.

Purchase or sale of items, characters or gold with real currency

The guild and its members consider farming and the sale of virtual items, gold and characters for real world cash a serious detriment to our playing environment and a very disturbing trend. We do not condone the use of such services in any way, shape or manner. Players found to be utilizing such services or who sell their characters will be immediately removed from the guild and Blizzard will be notified as appropriate. Please remember your guild is here to support you and if there is an item, supplies or cash resources you need to achieve your personal goals we will assist you and work to help you achieve them.

Problem Resolution

If a player has an issue with another guild mate's behavior or with any guild affairs it has to be brought to the attention of the Guild Officers and Guild Master. Any such issues are impossible to address if the officers do not know about or only know second hand information. Having the officers hear about such circumstances second or third hand is a very quick way to get the officer corps extremely upset. If you have a concern simply send a /tell to any officer in game, send them an in game email, or a private message via this website. These people all volunteer their own time to help manage the guild and they are there to help you so please seek them out.

For any such issues, we must insist on refraining from gossip and speculation in the guild chat channels as that does not help matters and only further clouds issues. We are a social guild which strives for mature and friendly behavior and we seek your assistance in maintaining this. Spreading gossip or intruding into someone else's business is considered extremely immature and rude, is highly inappropriate and will be dealt with harshly.

Have Fun

Be sure to enjoy yourself for ultimately it is just a game!
If you have ANY questions at all about this please feel free to discuss it with any guild officer or contact the guild master.

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